Aegean Dreaming

All Things Turquoise

Inspired by the cool blue waters & stunning landscapes of the Aegean Islands. Featuring Turquoise in all its forms combined with the cool crisp tones of Sterling Silver or the warmth of Yellow & Rose Gold reminiscent of an island sunset.

The Nikki Collection

Express Yourself

Young & fresh, constantly evolving. A multitude of delicate pieces, barely there necklaces, dainty rings, bracelets & anklets. Ready to mix, match, layer & stack any way you choose!

The Mati Collection

All eyes on you

Inspired by an Ancient Greek belief that wearing a mati (eye charm) protects you from the "evil eye" or negative energy & if the mati falls off, it has kept you safe. Need protection?Choose Exesia!Our collection features a multitude of M

Exesia Men

Be Bold

Bold eye-catching designs featuring premium quality Sterling Silver and Gemstones. Stunning Stainless Steel with Leather / Rubber wrist-wraps, Bracelets, Chains and Pendants all made especially for Him.

Exesia Kids

Mini & Magical

A playful collection of bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings in Sterling Silver adorned with whimsical charms and gemstones to inspire your child. Colourful string bracelets to brighten your day, custom-made to fit any wrist size. A little bit of Exesia magic for every little one.

Exesia Bridal

All That Sparkles

Featuring stunning Cubic Zirconia gemstones combines with Sterling Silver, Rose & Yellow Gold to create exquisite pieces for even the most discerning bridal party. Choose a single unique piece, or a complete set to enhance your wedding outfit.

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