Exesia Jewellery is made with love and requires care to keep its beauty and lustre.

Sterling Silver may tarnish or oxidise over time as a natural reaction to common chemicals in the environment, from body heat & the acidity of our skin. 

To help minimise this we recommend putting your jewellery on after applying perfumes, hairsprays & moisturisers well as removing all jewellery prior to using household cleaning products. ​

Avoid wearing your jewellery in chlorinated or salt water pools as the chemicals can accelerate oxidisation causing even the highest quality Sterling Silver to turn black. 

To keep your jewellery sparkling like new we recommend:-

1. Gently wash in warm sudsy water, rinse & air dry.

2. Very gently polish with a soft jewellery cleaning cloth.

3. Do not over polish plated items to avoid rubbing off the plating or scratching the surface. 

4. Store each item in separate plastic ziplock bags when not wearing to minimise oxidation & possible damage.

5. Remove jewellery before showering/ bed to avoid accidental breakage to a beloved piece as silver is naturally a soft metal. ​If your jewellery does tarnish we recommend the following natural cleaning method which is safe for almost all jewellery items.


(Not to be used for dyed gemstones as colours will fade!)

1. Boil a kettle of water

2. Line a small bowl with aluminium foil.

3. Add 1 tablespoon of Bicarb Soda  & 1 teaspoon of salt.  

4. Pour in approximately 1- 2cups of the boiled water (it will froth up).

5. Add your tarnished jewellery items. Wait a few minutes and gently swish around using a plastic fork. (Be careful not to overcrowd the bowl or knot up any chains).

6. After a few minutes remove jewellery using the plastic fork & rinse thoroughly under running water (careful not to drop anything down the sink!).

7. Lay on paper towels to dry.

8. Once dry, very lightly polish with a soft cloth. ​

Please note... DO NOT use the above method of cleaning for items with stones etc. that have been glued on as the glue will dissolve in the hot water mixture & the stones will fall off!!